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Almanac Coffee

Single Origin Subscription Box

Single Origin Subscription Box

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Grind OR Whole Beans

Welcome to Almanac's Subscription Box!

A curated coffee delivery at the start of each month delivered to your door!

At the start of each month I'll send you two different 250g bags of single origin coffee!

These coffees will be unique to the subscription each month so you won't get any double ups, always something new to try!

All coffee will be omni style roast like all of my coffees, perfect for either espresso or filter use!

Please be aware that coffee flavours and styles may vary each month or even in the same pack. You may get something fermenty one month or a nice clean washed the next, I want to take you on a journey of coffees that I'm enjoying each month that I hope you'll enjoy too!

Due to being a very small business, I'm unable to offer alterations to delivery days or styles of coffee at this stage. With growth and feedback of the subscription box, I may be able to offer this in the future. Thanks for putting your coffee trust in my hands

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