About Almanac

Almanac Coffee is a micro roastery based in Brisbane, Australia.

Image of Robbie, the owner of Almanac Coffee, roasting


We just love coffee!

​We are focused on providing you with traceable and ethically sourced specialty coffee from around the world with a huge emphasis on quality in customer service and roasted product all while providing transparency from farm to cup.

While building up a wealth of knowledge over the years, our attention to detail and record keeping with all things coffee is the essence and identity of Almanac coffee.  Countless books filled with cupping notes, roast logs and text walls of information helps us learn and stay current with new technologies and cultivations and helps our product stay as consistent as possible. Consistency is key!

​Our goal is to educate, and while coffee can be incredibly complex, we strive to provide a simplistic and realistic approach to show everyone how available specialty coffee can be to our community.


Consistency is key!

We take great pride in knowing that everything we serve to you has been sourced ethically and with all attempts to benefit the farmer as much as possible. We believe in sustainability and provide all efforts to continually support farmers.

​With great product from farmers, we know we are on the right track. Through years of experience in roasting, we are able to roast each coffee to highlight the aspects that we desire in the cup. We then proceed with quality control cupping sessions, tasting every single roast we send out to ensure the quality standards that you expect from an Almanac coffee are met.