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  • Blake Rand

    Robbie consistently offers really interesting and satisfying single origin coffees. He’s always pushing himself to bring his customers unique, exciting offerings and for me plays well in that light-medium roast space that is great for a modern style espresso. Many of the most enjoyable and memorable coffees I have had have come from Robbie. In my experience, there isn’t another roaster in his league in Brisbane.


  • AJ Whalley

    Robbie always has the most delicious single origin coffees. I once had one that taste exactly like strawberry jam! It blew my mind. Definitely recommend.


  • Paolo

    Almanac is my go to if I’m after something special. Robbie sources and roasts some of the most unique coffees I’ve ever tasted. Always recommend his coffee to all my friends.


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Image of Robbie, the owner of Almanac Coffee, roasting

About Almanac Coffee

Almanac Coffee is a micro roastery based in Brisbane, Australia.

We are focused on providing you with traceable and ethically sourced specialty coffee from around the world with a huge emphasis on quality in customer service and roasted product all while providing transparency from farm to cup.

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