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Almanac Coffee

1kg Blend Sample Pack

1kg Blend Sample Pack

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Grind OR Whole Beans

I've now got two blends! So this bundle is the best of both world! And includes a little of each of Almanac's current house blends.

 What's included

- 500g White Oak House Blend

- 500g Codex House Blend


White Oak

Our signature house blend with Coconut, Honey and Caramel flavours throughout.

This blend is an absolute stand out in both milk based coffees and black coffees. Smooth and sweet, not too strong. White Oak features a mix of Uganda and Brazil coffees.



Codex boasts a little more strength and body than White Oak while still maintaining character and sweetness, with subtle hints of apricot. The aim was to have enough flavour to cut through the milk and hit you with some tasty flavours to enjoy black also. Comprised of Colombian, Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees.

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